Personal Coaching

“Restore Your Self-Esteem! Return to the Life You Were Meant to Have.”

“You have the resilience within you to overcome the adversity you have or have had to create a better life for yourself and others around you.”

Feel Happier

Stop blaming yourself for the guilt,
for you are the victim not the cause
of your pain and frustration. As one
who has experienced guilt, shame and
great financial loss, I can coach you through
the lessons I learned in my recovery.

Feel Healthier

Your true essence is awaiting to be revealed. I will take you on the path to discover what can never be destroyed . Your true essence unlocking and awakening your strengths and talents will be our goal.

Have Purpose

Layers of pain, confusion and discouragement
often disguise who we are and what we
desire in life. Many people deceived and
experiencing fraud have transformed into
self loving, confident individuals by my method
of counseling.

Why Work With Carole?

I Believe That Everyone Deserves to be Happy–AND a Second Chance at Happiness and Self-Esteem!

I want to show you what is possible through this experience. I feel you still have an abundance of love to share. Read my book to discover why I can help you regain a happy and healthy lifestyle again. Apply today to give yourself a chance to start feeling alive again

“When you discover self love your world unfolds around you far reaching without boundaries.”

How Does It Work?
First, please share a little about yourself. What are you struggling with? What have you previously tried? You provide this information by clicking any of the “Apply Today” buttons on this page and filling out the short form. I’ll then review your responses and get back to you as soon as I can. If I feel I’ll be able to help, we’ll schedule a free call to discuss a plan for you. At that time if we agree my coaching program is a good fit for you, we can work together over the coming weeks to implement that plan.


Fill out the form below to apply for a free call


Show up to the call so you and I can create your plan


Work 1-on-1 with me to implement and achieve
How Much Does It Cost?

May I Ask One Question…

How much will it cost you to continue where you are? Consider your life’s struggles if you don’t make a change. That is the real cost of this opportunity. Continued Struggles!!! Which relationship will be affected or lost? What positive experiences will you miss out on? What would be the worst part about staying where you are? I can help you lessen your struggles. Let’s set up a few minutes to discuss how we can work towards change in your life.

My Recovery From Major Fraud Brings Outstanding Lessons to Share and Help Others.

My mission is to educate men and women about safe dating as well as assisting those who have experienced fraud and are trying to recover. Con artists work in many areas of society. I believe working 1-on-1 with people is the best way for those victimized to share their loss of self esteem. I am here to assist in safely finding love, companionship, and developing safe relationships to bring a life of happiness.

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